Charles Ray founded Conditionaire in 1971 with a singular goal in mind: provide Chattanooga area businesses and residents with the highest level of HVAC solutions from dedicated service professionals.


This focus has allowed us to develop a reputation for quality (and creative) solutions as the team has expanded from three to more than 18 employees. Charles continued to lead Conditionaire’s growth until 1986 when his sons Kenneth and Kim bought it from him.  Kim later took sole ownership in 2017 and began serving as President on his 42nd anniversary with the company.


Kim continues to lead the family business alongside his son Matthew and long-time manager Jan Cannon maintaining its 5-Star reputation for customer service, reliable and efficient contractors, and dedication to our clients’ indoor comfort.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kim Ray_President of Conditionaire

Kim Ray

Jan Cannon_Service Manager of Conditionaire

Jan Cannon

Service Manager
Matthew Ray_Installation & Shop Manager of Conditionaire

Matthew Ray

Installation & Shop Manager
Stacy Ridley_Office Manager of Conditionaire

Stacey Ridley

Office Manager

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Do I need a new unit?

When it comes to efficiency and savings, old equipment simply doesn’t measure up. Even though your present HVAC equipment is working fine, that doesn’t mean you are getting the best value out of it. Cooling and heating systems of even 10 years ago lack the efficiency of today’s highly advanced units. As a result, it costs more to operate an older system, even though the unit has been trouble free.


Air conditioners are rated by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) numbers. The higher the SEER rating on a unit, the higher the efficiency. An old system might operate at 10-12 rating, while the new generation of units offer SEER ratings of up to 18-20+. With ratings like that, it won’t take long for a new unit to pay for itself with returns on your investment as high as 35% in some cases. Ask us. We’ll specify and install the unit that’s right for you.

What should I look for in a new heat/air system?

The system you choose depends upon your personal needs. There are generally 3 major criteria for making a purchase:


  1. Reputation for Installation
  2. Efficiency and Performance
  3. Value for the Price


We carry major brands, stand by our service and installation and offer the best value available. However, don’t short change yourself by selecting your product or system purely on price.


That decision may cost you more in the long run. A particular unit may cost less than another, but may cost you many times that in service and power/gas in the future!

How can I save money?

Check the age of your current heating/air conditioning unit. Newer products are much more efficient than older ones. Current furnaces on the market are over 90% efficient! Modern air conditioners also use much less electricity than their predecessors.


Also, be sure to check the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio on the product you are considering. This efficiency measurement is similar to Miles Per Gallon for cars. The higher this number, the more energy efficient the system is. New units have SEER ratings from 13 to 20+.


Have your heating and cooling contractor do a savings comparison for you to see which system is the best value.

How do I know what size system I need?

Choosing the right system for your specific application is best determined by a trained and certified technician. There are many variables to be considered such as climate, square feet, window area, type of windows, insulation, number of people, and more.


One of our technicians will take all these factors into consideration when making a recommendation and supplying you with a free quote.

How often should filters be cleaned?

Typically, filters should be cleaned or replaced every 1-2 month(s). Some units are equipped with high capacity or washable filters. These filters need to be cared for in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

How do I find and evaluate a dealer?

Ask the dealers you are considering how long they have been in business. Common sense says that older, more established companies will have a better record of customer satisfaction. Conditionaire has been serving this area since 1971.


Check to see the dealer’s contractors license. Dealers must have a license to receive the permits needed for the job. Only licensed HVAC contractors can legally purchase the refrigerant needed for air conditioners and heat pumps.


Read public reviews and ask for references. Then, follow up by calling those people and asking them how satisfied they were with the dealer.

How much money should I expect to spend?

Ahhh…The $64,000 question! Ok…Ok. Bad Joke.

The total price of air conditioning and heating products depends on a lot of variables including:


  • Brand Selection
  • Number of Components Purchased
  • Dealer Selection/Installation Cost


Within brands, there are usually good, better and best products, each with different price tags. Efficiency ratings can also affect cost.


Note: We will NEVER try and sell you something you do not need. We only recommend what we truly feel you must have according to your situation and needs.

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